The best defense system in the world

Automatic airbag for geodetic measuring instruments

The best defense system in the world

Automatic airbag for geodetic measuring instruments

You no longer need to fear a small mistake

Every beginning surveyor knows that if the device falls, thousands of shekels fall with it, wasted time and a great loss of soul… We are a company of surveyors and the constant anxiety for our devices led us to think one step ahead and create an amazing solution that allows us a lot of peace of mind and security and now after a series of experiments and a running period we offer every independent surveyor or surveying and construction company to enjoy the solution.

Automatic active protection

Using smart sensor technology based on TSP-V1, the system detects a threat or a fall at any given moment up to 3 meters from each side and in the hundredths of a second, the airbag opens that protects the device and allows you to work safely and avoid any damage. Features and benefits of the device:

The airbag is in the open position

About Seasher Defense Ltd

Sisher Defenses Ltd. was established out of real needs in the field, following many years of experience led the two engineers who own the companies, Kovti Elias and Khouri Elias, who have a degree in civil engineering, to join together to develop and manufacture first-of-its-kind protection products in Israel and in the world for valuable equipment and instruments.

Our Product

In the initial thought, the products were adapted to the measuring industry and intended for specific fields of activity, but the founders of the company did not stop there. The production of the products brought with it a breath of fresh and innovative wind to a target audience with an extremely wide range – everyone who has valuable equipment that is supported by a tripod. The products are suitable for a variety of fields of activity, such as: shielding for engineering devices, shielding for laser scanners, shielding for distomet devices of all types, and if that’s not enough, the products are also suitable for professional cameras.

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