The start-up company, Sisar Protections Ltd., was established out of real needs in the field. Many years of experience led the two engineers, company owners, Kobti Elias and Khoury Elias, who have education in civil engineering, to join forces to develop and manufacture unique protective products for valuable equipment and instruments, the first of their kind in Israel and the world. Having placed the value of innovation as their highest principle, Kobti Elias and Khoury Elias offer in their company unique protective products that were meticulously developed and meet the strictest standards in the industry.

Our Story

During our work, we experienced at least 7 falls of valuable equipment worth 1,000,000 ILS per device. In their attempt to repair or replace the devices, we realized that such falls entail a huge financial loss, both in repair costs and in the partial coverage provided by insurance companies.

Based on our personal experience with recurring damage scenarios to valuable equipment with high repair costs, and in-depth research into various protective products on the market, they developed products that provide a solution that did not previously exist.

about the product

Initially, the products were tailored to the surveying industry and intended for specific fields of activity, but the company’s founders did not stop there. The production of these products brought an innovative and refreshing change to a very wide target audience – anyone who owns valuable equipment supported by a tripod. The products are suitable for various fields of activity, such as: protection for engineering devices, protection for laser scanners, protection for all types of distometers, and if that weren’t enough, the products are also suitable for professional cameras. A GPS system for theft detection, cameras that record the equipment and devices in 360 degrees, an air cushion that absorbs the shocks of falls, and an accessible app for operating the products are just a small piece of the new world envisioned by the founders of Sisar Protections Ltd.

why choose us?

The combination of unique technology developed in Israel and the company’s team forms a high-quality, uncompromising foundation in products that allow for long-term insurance cost savings and comprehensive protection. At Sisar Protections Ltd., we commit to fast delivery times, flawless products, reliable service, and most importantly, maximum protection for your money.

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